Imagine you are shopping for cool new video games for your brand new game console. You immediately discover the perfect one but you then realize that your friend already has the game. PicSent allows you to take a photo of the game and send someone to go pick it up for you. By the time you get home, the game will be on it's way or already delivered at your home for a time-saving cost.

PicSent works for any situation in which you see something that you want, you know where to get it, but you don't have the time to pick it up.

Utilizing the amazing Postmate's API, our application simplifies delivery with image recognition. It can identify almost anything you snap a picture of, begin the delivery service, and help you keep track of your delivery while you wait.

No longer will you have to go get things yourself. You now have a community of safe and certified package handlers to take care of those mundane tasks.

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