This idea came to our minds when we realized that we, as teenagers, are not informed enough to make financial decisions like the ones we will need to make in a few years. Then we realized we are pretty privileged compared to other people. We then chose to use our privilege to do good and created a way in which we can educate teenagers from low household income families in economics and finance so that we can fight inequality through the most powerful weapon we have: education.

What it does

The Picotres Foundation offers courses to teenagers in said minorities so that they can become the informed generation we need to balance out economic inequality. They will be able to make better choices and feel involved in economy, so in the foreseeable future they will become valuable members of the economy that will bring change to the way we perceive these communities in society. What make the Picotres Foundation special is our approach to teenagers: we understand that finance can seem boring at first, so we focus efforts on making it appealing and attractive for younger audiences through the use of social media and our own website.

How we built it

We came up with the idea and everything seemed to fall into place: we had very clear we wanted to create our own website, that we wanted to have a big presence on social media and all how we wanted to work. We discussed it and clarified the details, and got down to work.

Challenges we ran into

We faced several difficulties when it came to the creation of the website, but we persevered and managed to get through them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The creation of our website was a big accomplishment for us due to all the difficulties we faced. Overall, we are really proud of our project and the coordination and speed at which we worked.

What we learned

We learned to manage time a bit better, and also to collaborate. It was very interesting to see how everyone adapted to the rhythm of work this project required, and how we shockingly succeed at it.

What's next for Picotres Foundation

We are hoping to start our project in our near future, initially online and eventually evolving to face-to-face courses.

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