The possibilities enabled by MiamiCoins are infinite. How do we improve MiamiCoin ecosystem and its user experience?

What is PicoPay

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We establish a “Proof of HODL" system where people are granted access to public spaces by using their $MIA balance. Removing payment barriers to let people move freely across the city, improving payments transparency, and having easier access to public services. And by using blockchain technology, we could remove the unfair system of flat pricing in Public Spaces. Instead, you'll be charged for how long you stay in certain public spaces.

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City drivers, traditionally have to keep their eyes on the time to avoid costly parking ticketing because parking rates are usually paid per hour. What if there's a way to reduce the parking cost and introduce a new fair pricing system? By using blockchain, we can calculate your parking fee based on how long you park (pay as you go service) even per minute and seconds.

alt text The fare policy in local public transport is complex and uncompromising. Some call for free public transport. Others suggest that transportation costs must have a different rate at peak hours to provide an equal fare and minimizing the crowds. At the same time, governments are trying to balance budgets, with less revenue and growing demand for services.

By using our app, transport fares can be easily calculated or raised to a reasonable level, for example raising the cost at peak hours or giving government subsidiaries that are justified on the basis of individual economics and socials, All this is possible since it's programmable.

alt text Since Covid-19 Pandemic, many small business owners (restaurants) are struggling to keep their stores open or even survive. How can we help them?

Lottery systems that reward consumers for coming into a retail location often. Loyalty programs can track visits, purchases, and interactions with other Experiences. When consumers scan the QR code, they will have a chance to participate in a raffle, all is programmable by using blockchain to ensure the fairness of the lottery system.

Similarly, this idea can be implemented in other public spaces to unlock value for new experiences in the city. For example, Citizens can get $MIA coin for free if they visit a specific park or monument in the city.

How we built it

  • Polar for emulating the lightning network node
  • Clarity for implementing three smart contracts for different types of microtransactions (public transit, public spaces, parking) which are deployed on the STX blockchain
  • React Native for building a cross-platform mobile app

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Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ideating and building a functional micropayment system for access to public resources that allows residents to pay a fair price for the resources they use. Successfully build the product just within 36 hours (including ideating and designing within this time period). Leveraging all our expertise in one product (we're a team of designers, front end dev, blockchain dev)

What we learned

A lot about STX and lightning network, Collaborating with each other in different timezones.

What's next for PicoPay

Micropayment for utilities in shared facilities. Voting system using staking coins.

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