The music festival Way out West happens once a year in Gothenburg, Sweden. But there is no good way to create your own festival schedule. During the hackathon Hack out West 2015, we developed PicOne Way out West edition

What it does

It makes it easy to create your own schedule. By listening to the artists, see who of your friends are attending and read a short bio about the artist, you are able to swipe left and right depending if you want to add it or not. At the schedule page you can see your own personalised schedule.

How we built it

It was built using the Spotify API to be able to play the songs and EchoNest API to get info about the artists and Facebook API to find and see your friends. The backend was built using node.js

What's next for PicOne WoW-Edition

PicOne WoW edition was updated to work for the Way out West festival 2016.

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