Decentralized Applications (DApps) of today don’t have a good decentralized database solution. The two most popular options are:

Using a cloud hosted database (ex: Google’s Cloud SQL) Using IPFS

Using a cloud hosted database turns a DApp into a non-decentralized application by introducing centrality into the system. Using IPFS is only a partial solution and is typically a misfit for most applications. For example one can’t run SQL like queries on files stored on IPFS. The inherent structure of IPFS makes it non ideal to serve as the underlying filesystem for a high performance database.

Picolo is a new system which combines the benefits of a traditional database and decentralized software. Picolo is the world’s first NewSQL decentralized database system and offers features such as distributed transactions, external consistency, lock-free reads and snapshot reads. Here are a few highlights of Picolo:

Horizontally scalable Automated data sharding Transactions can be applied across rows, columns and tables across machines Client controlled replication and data placement Synchronous replication and external consistency, the strongest form of consistency any database can support SQL like interface Supports storage of typed data Supports semi-relational structure for tables Configurable backups and restore mechanisms

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