This is a fun practical prank that we can play on friends. Just plug in the usb cable and use the app to have some fun with your friends.

What it does

The app connects to the raspberry pi pico using bluetooth HC-05 module. Then depending on the button that is clicked A, B, C or D is sent to the pi pico. The pi pico then performs the tasks corresponding to the message.

How we built it

We used circuitpython to program the raspberry pi pico. The bluetooth module is connected to the UART pins on the pi pico which allows for serial reading and writing of data. Our code keeps the pi pico in a constant loop reads a few bits of the data. When no data is received this is None but when we click the button to send the data we receive the character A, B, C or D which results in the pi pico giving some inputs to the computer as its mouse or keyboard using the adafruit_usb_hid library.

Challenges we ran into

It was fun to just play with. Also initially the fourth button's onPressed function was set to the third buttons function. So during testing the laptop got rebooted about 3 times. And then recording the video also proved quite difficult since we wanted to show direct effects of what was happening.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's super fun to play with. Hopefully when schools and colleges reopen we'll be able to test it out on our friends.

What we learned

We learnt how to make a Flutter interact with the phone's bluetooth to send and receive data. We also improved our Flutter design capabilities.

What's next for Pico-Rick-Roll V2

Maybe we'll add connectivity using GSM or ethernet so that we could prank anyone from anywhere

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