Want to give a high-five to yourself in a picture, but you know nothing about Photoshop? PiCo comes to the rescue.

What it does

By only using three simple taps, as an intuitive iOS camera app, PiCo allows you to combine pictures creatively.

The screen is split into two parts. Take one part of the photo first, and then take the other part, and you will get a combined picture in an instant. Also, you can save your picture to your photo library and post it to your favorite social media.

How We built it

We are using Swift to build PiCo and are mainly using its AVFoundation framework to customize our camera.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Utilized iOS AVFoundation framework to customize device camera into 2 parts.

  2. Design the layer and set their constrains so that they can fit any device.

  3. Designed algorithm to efficiently combine 2 pictures.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made it as what we initially want it to be!

What I learned

This is our first time to attend Hackathon, we got almost nothing about iOS development. Through straight 24 hours hack, we did learn a lot.

What's next for PiCo

We can figure out many other combination styles. More further, we could add some social function which not only combine pictures but also connect people!

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