Many deliveries are alternatives for people who want food without having to worry about cleaning dishes, but this should not mean we can disregard how much waste we produce. The food delivery industry is very set in how food is delivered, and it would be difficult to change it enough to have a meaningful impact on the environment, but we wanted to provide people with a more sustainable delivery and takeout service that reduces plastic waste. Picnics have recently gained popularity among young people; we figured it would be a good service to provide people with an option to get picnic baskets for delivery/takeout that emphasize the use of compostable products and use less single-use plastics.

What it does

Our idea is to provide partnered companies with packaging supplies such as compostable containers, beeswax wraps, etc, which they can use to pack the picnic boxes people order. Our app would show what restaurants in the area are using our services and also where the nearest compost bins are located. After selecting a restaurant, users can either pick pre-organized baskets or create their own and choose from a range of basket sizes. From there, the eco-friendly baskets will be delivered by us to the customer. Another feature of our product is including eco-friendly “activities” inside the baskets, such as origami and scavenger hunt sets, made with recycled paper. To further promote our appeal, our baskets would also include bouquets made from recycled paper.

How we built it

Our team used Figma to prototype our design. We also gained design ideas from Dribbble.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we faced include deciding what type of containers would be best to use. We wanted to provide reusable containers that users can return after getting a delivery, but the point of deliveries are so that you are not obliged to clean/return your products, so we ultimately decided on compostable containers.

Built With

  • figma
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