Three of us are transfer students to UPenn. When we came here, we didn't know anybody and often would walk into the dining halls and realize that once again, we didn't recognize any of the faces. We believe food is a social experience, so we made this web application to help total strangers meet up to become friends over a meal!

What it does

Connect total strangers over food!

How we built it

Using the E and N parts of the MEAN stack (Express and node.js), along with interfacing with Google's Firebase. We built the front end in HTML, CSS, and Javascript as well.

Challenges we ran into

That one stubborn bug that kept us up until late into the night

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fixing that one stubborn bug that kept us up until late into the night

What we learned

We saw some great technical growth from our newer team members (two of our four team members are first-timers!). With the help of the more experienced pair, they picked up HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Git in an incredibly short timeframe and were extremely helpful on the design end. Meanwhile, the more experienced half of our team also learned how to build a web app and interact with databases on the backend.

What's next for Picniic

We'd like to add user accounts so that different users can edit and modify their events, include filters to select certain events, and eventually deploy it so that others can also enjoy the product! I (Leon) have talked to some other people who worked on different teams and they all mentioned interest in using such a webapp, so I'm personally very excited to see where it goes next!

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