One of our teammates participated in a halloween competition at work where people posted their costumes in Slack and others voted with emoji - the costumes with the most votes at the end of the day were the finalists.

The system weighed pretty heavily in some peoples' favour if they happened to post at a time that nobody else was posting photos, and their image stayed at the top of Slack for many minutes more than those that were less fortunate. An idea for a platform that ensured more consistent voting and comparisons across the entries was formed.

What it does

Allows users to create events and upload photos to those events to be compared to one another. Other users can then join their event to see the entries and vote on their favourite. When time's up, the results are calculated and a winner is revealed!

How we built it

Using React Native for the front end, to target both Android and iOS. Additionally, it allowed one of our team members to explore a technology he was unfamiliar with and learn many new things.

The back end was built with Node and Express, another technology new to one of our team members, but not the other. They worked together to build all the endpoints required for the front end to function, and hooked them into our mongodb server.

Challenges we ran into

Learning to setup mongodb and getting use to its interface.

Learning about the structure of React Native apps.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually making something presentable!

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