The inspiration behind Picle was based off of Mark Zuckerberg's Facemash, using the concept of comparing two image with one another and having users vote on which one they prefer. (However, we weren't going to compare the "hotness" women against other women as that is offensive and degrading).

What it does

Picle features user-uploaded photographs under specific categories, which other users are able to vote on which image they prefer. The different categories are different competitions, where users are able to make their way on top of the leader board if they get the highest number of votes.

How I built it

Bootstrap and jQuery front-end web application supported with the Ruby on Rails back-end framework, implementing user signup, login/logout, photo upload, and db manipulation.

Challenges I ran into

We sometimes struggled to keep track of our code management and ran into conflicts when merging our changes. Additionally, we ran into road blocks when it came to deploying our web application with PostreSQL.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

"I was impressed by how much we got done in a short period of time. Happy that we were able to deploy a functional and engaging app without making any compromises regarding technologies used or features provided" - Daniel

"We were able to set up a functional website, hacked together from scratch and deploy with PostgreSQL in the span of a weekend. Loved the atmosphere and the attitudes of fellow hackers" - Chris

"Able to set up a concise front-end for the website this weekend using Bootstrap and jQuery " - Sahibjot

“I’m really proud that I actually got in to Hack the North, especially for being my first time and for being a non-technical person. Although, I wasn’t able to contribute to the development of the website itself, I was proud that I could play a role in creating the written content for the site, designing our logo, critiquing and giving my opinions about the website design, and writing and presenting the final pitch.” - Danielle

What I learned

From participating in Hack the North, we gained valuable relationships with one another, as well as relationships, friendships, and a larger network with the other participants and sponsors. We learned how to work well together as a team under pressure and can apply those skills to our university careers as well as in the workforce. From our non-technical co-founder, she leaned about different codes, ELO, JavaScript, and more. If was a difficult 48 hours, so learning how to stay awake and work together under stress was a good experience and we can apply what we learned to future hacathonks.

What's next for Picle

Picle plans on expanding to Android and iOS application platforms. As well, we plan on improving the mobile version of our website, to make it as simple and user-friendly as possible.

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