Terrible McGill administration. When you call, you get redirected to other people, click numbers to reach directories etc.

What it does

PickupAI brings you automatic authentication and NLP processing to automatically authenticate and parse the key feature from the users voice as an authentication imprint to get to the right feature straightaway.

How we built it

We used Azure AI APIs (Voice verification and bing voice to word). Then we use Django to create a web interface to allow the submission of audio files. If we had more time, we would implement twilio api to perform the commands over the phone.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time using microsoft azure and using an AI api. So our inexperience with the programs we working with were the biggest hurdles we had to overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team,we were able to pull it together. Many of us felt like leaving and quitting but we stayed till the end and pushed beyond our limits. We've learned a lot from this experience and we're looking to further explore the vast field of AI.

What we learned

-Learned about azure -The different types of AI APIs available -The struggle is real with AI.

What's next for PickupAI

-Add phone commands, create a full fledged database of users and add in a vast index of commands

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