PickMeBuzzer is an iPad app that facilitates group interaction using multiple iPads so students stay engaged in the classroom. This is a revolutionary educational app that combines educational YouTube video content with a polling wireless buzzer system (known as the PickMePoll feature) so teachers can track (in real-time) how students are engaged. Multiple iPads are transformed into polling response buzzers allowing students to select choices based on YouTube video content shown during class by the teacher. The teacher can save the responses and later determine how each student performed to support the individual needs of each student. The students can even wave the iPad in class to buzz-in keeping them engaged by physical activity. The PickMeBuzzer app promotes engagement with all types of software and hardware interfaces to encourage participation by motion, optional buzzer hardware, and choice buzz-in options while watching video content selected from YouTube. There are a variety of PickMeBuzzer modes to promote attentiveness in the classroom while managing student groups. The PickMeBuzzer iPad app can even communicate with other iOS devices and Android devices if there are a limited number of iPad devices available for student participation. Using video content to engage students has been done in the past, but now we have developed an app that 1) merges video content leveraging a teacher’s playlists created on YouTube and 2) tracks student responses with respect to this video content for the iPad. This app truly revolutionizes the way teachers engage students in the classroom while leveraging video content for learning.

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