We believe that:

  • Sharing is caring! One shared car replaces up to 10 private vehicles.
  • Mobility connects us! Better if it is more sustainable, easy, fast and safe.
  • AI is great whenever empower us to create a better world.

What it does

User-friendly app allows you to:

  • Fast Sign Up
  • Take a selfie showing your driving license and safely verify it, in less than 30 seconds, thanks to deep learning <3
  • See the nearest Volvo cars available on the maps, knowing models and fuel level.
  • Choose, unlock and drive a Volvo car.
  • Finalize the car ride, learning, right after, the final cost and amount of fuel used.
  • Get free minutes when consuming less than the average fuel consumption of the car you have just rented.

How we built it

Making the most of Python and Flask, we developed a back office service able to:

  • Handle driving license validation
  • Manage several Volvo cars and their info,making them always available for customers
  • Evaluate prices and fuel consumption of each ride. On the front side, we programmed the Android PickMeApp, which gives the user the smoothest experience, communicating through the web with the back end with the car

Challenges we ran

"Human-free" driving license validation using Deep learning based Text and Face recognition. The algorithm incredibly match the user's face with his/her picture of the driver license. In addition, it reads and stores the document's data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Back office service potentially deployable on any app, without using any external API.

What we learned

AI is amazing!

What's next for PickMeApp

  • Training the driver licenses recognition algorithm with more data
  • Making the app even cooler!

Give a look at our presentation at the following link:

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