Inspiration - I took inspiration from one of the workshop activities we did and turn it into something that can be useful to myself.

What it does - It picks an anime randomly for a pre-determined list of anime that I have input directly. Then it scrolls across the screen.

How I built it - I built it with the imagilabs app.

Challenges I ran into - The challenge I ran into with my hack was what to do for this hackathon. I could go with a website that I been wanting to make but I had fun with Imagilab workshop so I decided on something that will be fun if I had an imagiCharm of my own.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - having fun looking at it.

What's next for Picking Anime to Watch - A website for this fun idea. It cools to have on a charm but let make so the user can input information. Maybe determine if what anime to watch next.

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