Imagine this: You've just been in an unfortunate incident involving a sport and you're recovering slowly from the resulting injury. You go to physical therapy and your PT tells you that to integrate back into a healthy state, your conditioning will be on a treadmill, at a very specific RPM. To ensure that you're using the proper pace, they make you install a metronome app on your phone. However, the metronome app is slightly faulty, and when you switch to your music app (let's be real, it's Spotify) the metronome app will either stop working or change pace. Even if it stays steady, the beat of the music will throw you off. So what's the best solution?

Welcome to RPMusic!

The new web app that uses Spotify's developer tools to create playlist customized to your pace! Just enter the RPM that your PT gives you and enjoy! The new playlist is propagated directly into your spotify, so that you can return to specific paces whenever you feel like it.

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