Our team loves hiking and we thought that there was no good way to conveniently know what trails there were near us. This idea led us to create a platform where users can intuitively see the trails in their surroundings and the concentration of people in them (popularity). We then realized there was a bigger problem: the growing indoor culture and sedentary lifestyle. So we decided to expand our idea from the mountains to cities and address this issue. Not only do we want to make people healthier, but also happier, by boosting those serotonin and dopamine levels!!

What it does

This app offers real time, location based statistics on sporting and recreational areas in a particular radius. Users will select what kinds of activities they are interested in, and then be greeted by an interactive map pre-populated with all recreational areas of interest and precisely how many people are present at each location. Users will be able to plan events, confirm ongoing events, seek more players or members, and post to snapchat.

Each recreational area, whether it be a lake, trail, basketball court, or golf course will be assigned a radius that checks for activity. The app will silently run in the background and will ping our server whenever a user enters or exits the radius. We will then update a central heat signature inside the radius representative of how many people are present.

How we built it

Our team utilized Swift as well as the Mapbox, Google, and Snapkit API’s to provide intelligent location analytics. Our team was divided into the development side (for the native swift programmers), and wireframe, research, QA, design, and proposal work for the less technical. We started by pulling a real a map, and branched development from there.

Challenges we ran into

  • lack of sleep
  • time management
  • having whole team agreeing on ideas and being on the same page
  • integrating pre designed features into app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • learning new languages and being able to implement them
  • a good idea
  • good teamwork structure
  • winning the cup stacking competition

What we learned

  • teamwork
  • design thinking
  • swift
  • snapkit
  • mapbox
  • photoshop
  • API integration
  • prioritizing tasks

What's next for Carrot

(short term): Implement heat map, integrate with instagram and facebook. we would start by implementing the app in college campuses where there is an abundance of sporting facilities and many people just waiting for the opportunity to use them. VISION (long term): We envision our app being used by people of all ages, bringing new sports to communities, and increasing the demand for sporting facilities to a level that government authorities will be induced to create new facilities and plan the city with the idea that people need and want more physical activity in their lives.

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