1. Drove into a parking lot and realized that I did not have my wallet hence couldn't get out!
  2. Drove on Golden Gate Bridge and toll invoice went to the incorrect address.
  3. Driver-less cars
  4. You get a driver's license at 16 and credit card at 18.

What it does

Cars are equipped with Automobile Wallet and are self sustained. It transacts with peripheral systems such as gas stations, toll booths, parking meters, in-car entertainment, etc., using crypto currency.

We demonstrate this using a decentralized car rental use-case:

  1. Cars located at self-service parking lots.
  2. Customers choose and pick cars near their location.
  3. Customers review ratings, feedback and details of the cars and reserve.
  4. Drive and fuel details are captured.
  5. The customer is billed to credit card at end of the trip.
  6. Drivers driving history is captured; determines future rates.
  7. Car owners could be individuals, car dealers, car manufacturers, car rental companies, etc.
  8. Owners determine the rental scheme/ rate of usage for his/her cars.
  9. All payments to trusted network devices - gas stations, toll booths, parking meters, car wash - are handled by the automobile wallet.
  10. Cheaper rates, no middlemen, happy customers!

How we built it

  1. Setup of bitcoin node with wallet on Raspberry Pi.
  2. Mobile native multiplatform app using Kinetise for customer interaction.
  3. Setup of the Meteor nodejs server for payments and manage the car interactions.
  4. Vehicle data integration using Ford OpenXC.
  5. Twilio for SMS notifications.
  6. Mastercard for payments.
  7. StrongLoop for NodeJS framework.
  8. Bitcoin transactions on Coinbase.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Platform independent APIs for vehicle data integration
  2. Content type dependencies on hosted framework
  3. JavaScript Security frameworks

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  1. Successful bitcoin transactions
  2. Seamless integration with Simplify-commerce and Twilio

What we learned

  1. Rapid mobile application development
  2. Hosted development frameworks

What's next for Pick UR Ride

  1. Establish peer-to-peer bitcoin transactions
  2. Integrate with Ford Sync & AppLink
  3. Car / Driver reputation system
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