Every day in Mexico City a lot of traffic and contamination is generated when kids are leaving school; this is caused because in almost all the schools, they call the kids when their parents are a few steps from the school door, or right in front of it. This problems can be solved if the schools could prepare the kids and keep them near the exit door before their parents arrival. If every school starts using Pick@School, we would take care of our planet, reducing: contamination, traffic, delivery times, noise; having a better coexistance, and the possibility to have more time with our kids.

What it does

With Pick@School, in a modern and secure way; parents will notify the school they are on their way to pick their son; every day a new QR will be generated in the cel phone; the institution receives the notification in a Tablet or Ipad with the information of: wich kids is leaving, who is going to pick it up, type and color of the vehicle or walking and how far away from school they are. The application is constantly updated, and arrange the kids in the Tablet or Ipad screen, based on the proximity to the school of the person who will pick the child. This information allows the school to prepare the children and keep them near the exit door prior to the parents arrival.

Parents no longer have to wait so long to pick up their children, with Pick@School child hand-over is faster because the school can prepare children´s before their parents arrival; rather than call them when their parents have already arrived. This is useful for people who pick their children by car or walking.

The school only need one or more tablets or iPads to receive notifications and scan the codes of the parents cel phone. When scanning these codes, the school will generate a report containing information of the deliveries: child's name, who picked him up, at what time he left, what car or walking, and who delivered the child.

Permissions can be given by parents to different people, they are called "authorized"; every user has an unique code; that code will allow parents to give permissions so the "authorized" can pick his kids from school (this can be used when the kids are invited to make homework, have lunch, a party or playing in a friends house)

There´s one app for parents, one app for school (both of them available for IOS and Android); and the master control that is operated by the general administrator and school administrators in a computer. All the information is encrypted, besides the use of SSL certificate.

With the "autorized" function, wethey can do Carpool, so less cars will be in the streets, and we all be helping to decrease mobility and contamination problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Right now five schools are already using the app; a couple more are in a trial period it, and I´m talking with a couple more to start the trial period so they can test it.

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