We realize that lottery tickets are wasteful of paper, easy to lose during the event and may be fake. So we designed an app to better host the event.

It allow all participants to join the event room, log in, see the 3d simulation of the raffle and get notified of winning or not winning by randomly assign a number to each person and pick the winner from the database.

Our app:

setting interface, connecting to the database and incorporating AR cameras


we created the UI design of the App: homepage, login page, AR scan page, Congratulations page and Good Luck page.


we built the schema for the real-time database and randomly assign a number to each entry and return the number as the lottery number to the person.

Front & Back:

we connected the project with the database through xampp, C#, and php.


We incorporated the AR cameras and simulated the real ruffle draw process.


Connecting with database Setting AR Understanding php and C# Corporating the simulated raffle box and the winning number drawn from the box

We learned very much about C#, Unity3d, MySQL, PHP, Vuforia AR Engine

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