COVID-19 Anxiety since the epidemic is not only a issue of physical health, but an issue of mental health as well.

What it does

Pick-me-Up targets anxiety in young adults by providing a method of tracking and reflecting on the user’s experiences. We offer an easy way to document the time, place, and feeling of an anxious episode so the user can have a productive conversation with themselves and a therapist. Our product uncovers trends in a person’s anxiety through the habitual usage of our product. It is also easily tailored to the patient per the user or user therapist jurisdiction. This is done to ensure each user maximizes the potential of the program.

How I built it

We deployed web app on google cloud engine. The phone interaction was made possible by the Twilio API. (Huge Thanks to Lizzie)

Challenges I ran into

  • Twilio API
  • Secure Data Storage

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fast turn around

What I learned

Twilio module integration.

What's next for Pick-Me-Up

Make a real product.

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