We were inspired by the lack of help given to artistes/producers/creators and the need for artistes and creators to be heard and connect with a larger audience.

What it does

The Picardy Third Protocol is a protocol built with modularity in mind while carrying out its ultimate goal, to empower artiste/creators to be independent and take control of their income and royalties. The modularity makes it easy for platforms to plug and play it’s functions from the Picardy Hub. This is achieved by the ability for artists and creators to tokenize their names, brands or events for their audience. The Picardy Protocol allows artists to mint their (uri) profiles as NFTs which is the backbone of our distribution platform, as it holds all the activities of each artiste or creators (somewhat like a database that stores that songs, NFT photos). The protocol allows the artists and creators to create royalty tokens (ERC721 and ERC 20 respectively), which they can sell a percentage of their royalties, for their projects. This makes it possible for fans to earn from holding a percentage of royalties from their favorite person. The protocol also allows the creation of crowdfunding for artists or projects from other creators. The Picardy Protocol wouldn’t be complete without the ability to create Vaults which are governed by the DAO (the community). The various vaults created are to be invested in DeFi protocols, investing in independent artists who have been voted by the community and in conjunction with our primary music distribution platform to create distribution deals.

How we built it

The Picardy Protocol is build with mostly with solidity as we were more focused on how to expand the usage of smart contract

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges encountered is the learning curve associated with having different smart contracts communicate with each other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It’s been an exciting time getting to know and understand how a protocol is built and building one. We’ve accomplished having to build with only two people carrying the technical team.

What we learned

We’ve learnt that a smart contract is simply a database as long as you know how to communicate with it. We’ve also learnt the best ways to google search. Lastly, we learnt how to communicate with other developers and help mates.

What's next for Picardy Protocol

Efficiently merging our new semi label music distribution service together with the Picardy Protocol to improve and empower independent artistes and creators.

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