A first-year math prodigy, two semi-decent web developers (hey, we're not going to lie!) and two clueless programmers turned a 4 hour project into the most amazing and awe-inspiring 23 hour pun generator EVER.

What it does

PicAPun turns any of your images into the most rad puns that will be envied by family and friends. As long as you host your images online, you can submit your image address URL to our web application, and it will provide one random pun that is very closely related to your picture!

How we built it

Using one of our amazing resources, Clarifai, we created a python API hosted on DigitalOcean that makes requests on the Clarifai API to analyze a picture and return its most confident tags. The same python API then submits some of these tags into a pun generator website. The python script then obtains the website source code and, with BeautifulSoup, parses the html content to obtain the different generated puns and places the image submitted, along with one of the random puns, into our own domain domain.

Challenges we ran into

Uffff, we ran into way more problems than we needed to, but from every challenge we learned something new. The most intense moment in the last 24 hours was figuring out how to integrate our python script into our javascript and ultimately into our website. Luckily, we used another one of our amazing resources: Mr. Juan, who helped us create our python API to be called by javascript.

Another important issue that we unfortunately left for the end was trying to register our domain with While we successfully registered our domain, unknowing to us, we left a part of the redirecting instructions out, and while we successfully resolved this with's "technical support," the DNS revisions will take about 24 to 48 hours to propagate, so stay tuned and look for us at in the near future!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our most successful accomplishment was finishing a decent product in a timely fashion and having the opportunity to learn new implementations of different programming languages. Thank you SwampHacks!

What's next for PicAPun

In the near future we will hopefully implement a sharing button for social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. We hope to actually implement an upload button that will allow the user to directly upload their pictures from their computer or phones directly. Stay tuned!

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