When you go to a birthday party, wedding, fireworks, hackathon or any event, Imagine the staggering number of people taking pictures. Now imagine that if you were able to view and take pictures in a single app without worrying about searching and typing hashtags or even tagging a person.

What it does

Picapic “pic-a-pic” is a picture sharing app., where you can create a geolocation based event that can be either public, protected or private, and then share it with other people. People joining the event can instantly publish to all the users as well as see those, which are published by others.

How I built it

Users needs to download Picapic from the Apple App Store. First users are greeted with popular events nearby. They can then scroll to all the events that they like to join.

Challenges I ran into

Working with Storyboard and Github Learning to use new technology such as swift 2.0 and firebase Finding Teammates

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the project and working as a team

What I learned

Learn to use firebase database and swift programming language works. Also, Learn about auto layout and animation in swift

What's next for Picapic

we are planing on spending few hours every week into picapic and launch a consumer version by end of the year

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