Picaloc is a location based social media app which allows it's users to broadcast messages, primarily photo's, across a certain range. The range depends on the ranking of the user which is based on the number of likes on previous posts.

Short description

All posts are done by smartphone, in this case through an Android app. It's also possible to get an overview of all posts at a certain location via an angular based webapp (https://picaloc-2acb6.firebaseapp.com/) The Android app uses features of firebase like authentication, file upload, push notifications, hosting, analytics and crash report. Computations are executed in an Ruby on Rails backend.

Technology stack


  • android app receiving push notifications from firebase
  • web app using angular and google maps API

Backend and Infrastructure

  • authentication with firebase
  • file uploads and sharing using firebase storage
  • web app hosting with firebase
  • rails backend for computations authenticated with JWT by firebase
  • heroku hosting for rails backend

What we learned

  • pretty tought to code for 36 hours with minimal sleep
  • some new technologies like firebase and heroku
  • HTN and Waterloo University are totaly awesome!

About us

We are three computer engineering students from the KU Leuven university in Belgium. This was our first hackaton and it was an awesome experience. We're also developers at Quivr(.be), a non profit student organisation in Belgium which let students check their schedule, what they can eat in the student restaurants, how much place there is left in the libraries and much more.

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