Inspiration: Often times, people spend a lot of time copying text from another source into their mobile devices

How it works: We made a custom keyboard. When you press the "camera" icon, it scans a picture you took of some line of texts and insert the text(s) back into your current text field

How we built it: We built our app using Xamarin, C#, and the Google Vision API

Challenges we ran into: Implementing our own custom keyboard, figuring out how to use Google Vision API, dealing with provisional profiles in iOS

Accomplishments that we're proud of: To get our app working in time. Plus, the returned text results turns out to be pretty accurate!

What we learned We learned to that you shouldn't give up. We encountered a lot of unexpected bugs and challenges, and started to doubt that we would able to finish, but it all worked out in the end!

What's next for Pic2Text: We are going to implement our app on iOS and, potentially on Windows and Mac.

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