Our target user is a salesperson who has dozens of sales encounters every month, not even mentioning the conferences and exhibitions. You end up with hundreds of business cards and just some recollection what the potential customer was after. With pic2lead you can create a lead with key information in 10 seconds! You simply take a photo of the business card and answer couple of questions with gestures. All your hot leads are waiting for you in Salesforce after your meetings or the conference with detailed description of what the customer needs.

We wanted to create a user experience that no one has done in b2b applications. We managed to pull in some features that cannot be found in any platform out there. We are especially excited about the OCR text recognition that automatically captures the information of the business card and transfer those to the lead card in Salesforce. On top of that we have some extra cool features like zero keyboard caption of key Lead Information like potential budget and next steps. Actually the user experience is so fun that you just wanna do it over and over again :) Remember, no typing - Zero!

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