We wanted to build the most accessible way to get New York Times articles ever

What it does

You have many options to quickly get the news at your fingertips. You can either enter keywords, an image url, or upload an image. Then, we give you the three most relevant news articles, with a title and thumbnail if possible.

How we built it

The website is written almost entirely in PHP. We first connected the New York Times API with a PHP script to get news articles from an html form, then we connected Clarifai to get tags from images, which we then parsed to get articles from those tags.

Challenges we ran into

We tried setting up our website on AWS, but unfortunately that did not work, so we scrapped it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Two of us were not familiar with PHP, and now we are very familiar with PHP

What's next for Pic Your News

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