Our inspiration came from the idea that people spend too much time on their computers (especially at hackathons) and there is no better way for someone to "take a load off" than by experiencing a virtual getaway from the comfort of their own favorite browser.

What it does

A user looks up a picture through the Bing Search API and then that picture is forwarded through to the Clarifai API. The Clarifai API generates keywords based on features in the picture (natural landscapes, people, animals etc.) Those keywords are then run against a database of sounds and the sounds which match those keywords closest are selected and forwarded to the webpage. The sounds play in tandem with one another in the background of a startling picture thereby giving the user the sense of feeling being there. These experiences are what we have infamously dubbed as vibes.

How we built it

The technologies we used were: - Javascript - HTML5 - CSS - node.js - Angular.js - Bootstrap - Clarifai Api - Bing Search Api

Challenges we ran into

Occasional bugs, typos, as well as the issue of not being able to use the Freesound API to have an immense database of sounds. We accounted for this by creating a local library of sounds instead and deciding that moving forward we would have to create our own database for sounds (or a functional sound API at least).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of the fact that what we set out to do, we definitely accomplished. Our "barebones" idea remained the same throughout the whole process and we didn't have to make any major sacrifices to account for something we could not do.

What we learned

We learned that it's crucial to work together and stay focused in order to maintain quality and adhere to deadlines.

What's next for Pic-a-vibe

We've got some cool features planned to extend Pic-a-vibe and make it even more enjoyable for the everyday user. We plan on adding the ability for a user to upload a picture from their local drive in order to create a vibe from a possible past travel experience. Another planned feature is a "ranking system" where previous users can have their "vibes" saved and shared publicly and other users can upvote their submissions as "good vibes". A good and curated assortment of sounds in some kind of cloud database is also one of our priorities. These features and many more await Pic-a-vibe.

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