Sometimes pets get lost. It's really sad.

What it does

If you see a pet, take a picture, and we'll show you similar pets that were lost in the area so you can compare them. If one matches, we'll provide you with the contact information of the owner.

How we built it

Some python web-scraping for backend, some react-native for front-end, and no internet.

Challenges we ran into

At HackHarvard, three out of four members of our team were unable to access the wifi. This problem was never resolved, so we moved to an off-site cafe to work there. Unfortunately, we were not left with enough time to finish the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Problem solving and coming up with a catchy name.

What we learned

Wifi is like blood.

What's next for Pic a Pet

We're pretty excited for this project, so even though we were not able to finish it in time to submit it to HackHarvard as a contending submission, we will be continuing development post-hackathon.

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