We are inspired by the work does by PIANGO and its contribution to the policy development and raising voices of Pacific peoples.

What it does

This solution will provide PIANGO a secure online forum platform that the general public and its members can securely access it from anywhere, anytime and any device.

How we built it

The solution is build using Tikiwiki and Keycloak are both open source tools. It is host in the cloud.

Challenges we ran into

I think the major challenge is the time and the integration of the tools. Both solutions was required to integrate well in term of technology frameworks, programming language and supported system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First time compete in a hackathon from the Pacific.

What we learned

Firstly, by learning PIANGO itself as a non-profit organisation and what they do. Secondly, network with other tech savyy collegues from the Pacific.

What's next for PIANGO Secure Online Forum

Can re-design and re-developed to address redundancy, high availability and scalability.

Built With

  • iaas
  • keycloak
  • lamp
  • tikiwiki
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