I saw an idea on reddit for a weather app that had nice weather overlays.

What it does

It takes in your device's location (or you can enter the name of your location) and displays an image of the area near you, with weather effects overlayed. Current weather overlay effects: any cloudy weather, any snowy weather. You can use it to look at various places around the word and the weather in that location!

How I built it

  • openweather for weather info
  • google maps for map and location info

Challenges I ran into

  • rainyday.js refusing to cooperate with me

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can google-fu my way into coding something that works even though I have no idea how it works

What I learned

  • jQuery
  • NEA's api doesn't work (even NEA doesn't use it)

What's next for PI - weather

  • More weather effects: rainy weather, foggy weather
  • Better effects
  • More accurate weather descriptions
  • Weather forecasts

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