We wanted to have a home heating and air conditioning system which both ensured that less energy was consumed in maintaining a comfortable temperature at home and removing the need to constantly have individuals change the thermostat themselves.

What it does

The device is intended to read the surrounding temperature and change the room temperature based on those readings. The program runs on a raspberry pi to conserve power and maintain an environment that conserves as much energy as possible. It would allow the user to schedule how he/she would want a home maintained in advance and at different times.

How we built it

We used python as well as the google calendar to receive and send instructions to a thermostat. The program runs on the raspian Linux environment.

Challenges we ran into

Trouble with the wiringpi library and rest requests to the google calendar api not working. Being unfamiliar with the various Linux environments and hardware required.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning to use Linux and resolving problems that come with installing software on a raspberry pi.

What we learned

Use of API's, some Linux familiarity and development of a functional application.

What's next for Pi-Temp

Assuring that all parts of the device work and improving on it.

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