Packages stolen during the holiday time

What it does

our device uses opencv to identify crimes and to alert business owners or other users. our test case was people stealing packages during the holidays

How we built it

we used opencv to detect if a package is on your porch, or being delivered. if it was taken away, we alert the userof a possible crime with a live streaming camera allowing for anyone on the network to see the feed. we also have a customizable web interface.

Challenges we ran into

we ran into many logic errors, and network issues. we also had a hard time with bootstrap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we used machine learning and opencv for the first time and managed to incorporate more hardware into our hack.

What we learned

we learned about machine learning, live streams, and getting out of your comfort zones can really help you broaden your skills.

What's next for Pi Spy

We are planning to work on having it identify violent behavior and alert the authorities. making it safer for communities.

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