While self-driving cars are becoming a hot point in the commercial car industry, the costs are usually prohibitive and entirely closed source. We decided to make a framework that transforms self-driving cars into a modular, scalable, open sourced solution.

What it does

We took a Raspberry Pi and connected two cameras to it. We then used this cameras looking out the window of the car to find out if you are swerving while you're driving by using the Hough Line Transform functionality in OpenCV. If you are, an audio alert plays through the car's audio system.

Additionally, we worked on a stereo camera setup to measure the distance the car in front of you is away from you. When this distance drops below a threshhold value, we alert the driver that the distance is closing and there is a speed difference between the two cars.

How we built it

We used the Raspberry Pi with Python and using the library OpenCV.

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