I once loved my childhood Gameboy Color

But one weekend it was taken from my without choice! A mischievous devil stole my precious from me. I vowed to get it back as soon as I could!

And here I am! I'm making my own!

This project was intended to be a readily-available Gameboy emulator, with future porting to Gameboy Color.

I quickly learned that hardware emulation was very time-consuming and difficult. It wasn't as easy as it looked.

I ran into conceptual challenges

Otjher hackers could often see me waving vaguely in the air, trying to picture the concepts and the mapping of memory and the GPU clock cycle etc. of the Gameboy original. I was left almost worshiping the brave souls who completed Nintendo 64 emulators.

As cliche as it is, I am proud that I started this journey

I learned that much code looks easy, but that's because it's been given time, effort, and experience. This, by all means, was an endeavor to do in 36 hours, but it was one which taught me the value of scope. Either I needed to find a perfect mentor, gain 2 more teammates, or pivot the project into something doable to complete a functional piece.

I decided to stick with the tried and true I tried it, but now I need to sleep, so I'll learn from it instead.

What's next for Pi Boy

If I feel inspired after I sleep, I'll devote some time to the project on my own and complete it. Right now that's not an option.

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