This Alarm Clock attempts to make your morning wakeup a better experience. This Alarm syncs up with your Google Calendar to wake you up at the correct time, gives you a mental challenge to help you wake up, and tells you the temperature when you wake up.

How it works

The project is essentially a python program is running on a Raspberry Pi hooked up to some electronics and connected to the internet. The program looks for the "Sleep" event in one's calendar, and sends some current through some speakers when it's over. After the user presses a push button to stop the alarm, we pull the local temperature from Yahoo Weather and sends it in binary to some LEDs. Since the temperature is in binary, the user will have to do some simple math to figure out the temperature, helping them focus and become more awake.

Categories Competing in

Best Application That Assists or Improves Everyday Life For Those Who Are Differently Abled

This project can assist certain cases of disability. For example, a caretaker could set a daily alarm for someone, or multiple people in need with a google calendar. This could reduce a workload on care centers. Further, by providing the temperature immediately upon wakeup, this adds convenience to the user that can mean a lot to a person who is disabled.

Best Consideration of User Privacy and General App Security

The last thing someone with this alarm would want would be to have a hacker wake them up with this device in the middle of the night, or worse not have them wake up at all. That's why this alarm is only rung by interacting with the google calendar and not an online database that could be susceptible to DOS attacks or SQL injections.

Most Potentially Disruptive Hack and “Anything but normal.” Hack

There aren't many alarms out there quite like this one! This one is quite cheap compared to other internet-connected alarm clocks, and this syncs a wakeup from your calendar. This is far from your standard scheduled alarm.

Best Use of a Rainbow-Unicorn-Ninja and Best Use of Node.js

Of course no hackathon project would be complete without "the only real dev language", node.js. In addition to the buzz from the speakers, the user will receive a text from a node.js script using the Twilio API saying "Rainbow Unicorn Ninja wants you to wake up!" with a picture of the Rainbow Unicorn Ninja

My project is located right across from the MLH trophy if you wish to see it at RedBirdHacks 2015.

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