We wanted to do something for the elderly, especially after seeing so many of them suffering due to old age.

What it does

Helps you do physiotherapy exercises at home accurately and tells you when you go wrong

How we built it

We used emg sensors to track muscular movement. We then broadcasted this information to an android server , which then displays the information on the screen of a google cardboard. The basic idea is that the user does his physiotherapy exercises while wearing the Google Cardboard, with updates on his screen as he exercises.This not only helps you know whether you are doing the exercises right, it also prompts you to slow down or correct yourself when you do your exercises too fast or incorrectly.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into quite a few challenges. Starting from faulty hardware in the beginning to coding using google cardboard, we faced quite a few obstacles. We tried to integrate the "Unity" API but ran out of time. We had to struggle to get the wifi working on our raspberry pi. We had to adjust battery voltage perfectly well to get accurate results. Sending data from arduino to raspberry pi wasen't as easy as expected either.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy we could complete whatever we had targetted on both the software and hardware fronts in the given amount of time. However, there is a lot of future scope with this model which we have in mind and that we would like to work on.

What we learned

We learnt a lot about interacting with rasberry pi and with the raspbian OS. This was our first time working with Google Cardboard as well and we learn't a lot about Google Cardboard Android coding.

What's next for Physio-check

With physio-check we can take VR in physio therapy a step further with 1) Having such sensors coded for various other body parts. 2) Integrating the You-Tube - Google Cardboard API (Which we could not find as of now) in future to show our users videos of how the exercises should actually be done before exercising. 3) The person can actually feel like he is front of the doctor even while sitting at home, which will be a boon to a lot of elderly people for whom commuting is not an easy task.

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