The problem

Currently, in many countries, most health professionals that must necessarily have physical contact with the client, such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and masseurs, are in search for devices that guarantee additional protection to ordinary PPE and allow a more hygienic and safer treatment. Even where opening clinics is not explicitly restricted by the governments, most of the professionals cannot efficiently prevent the spread of aerosol particles. In addition, as the coronavirus pandemic rapidly sweeps across the world, it is inducing a considerable degree of fear, worry and concern in the population, and many customers will be hesitant to actively take charge of their health and their physical well-being, to avoid infections.

The implications of social distancing and reduced customer trust on this major sector - and on People’s health status - will be drastic.

Our solution will allow an additional division between the operator and his client, limiting the direct exposure of bacteria and pathogens and their spread in the room.

The solution

Physio-box is composed of 7 surfaces in transparent polystyrene synthetic glass which, joined together by heat merge, constitute a compartment of dimensions (width x depth x height) = 64 x 50 x 64. These surfaces can be obtained by a 200x100cm glass sheet, 5 mm thick. A further limitation of the exposure of bacteria and pathogens in the room, is guaranteed by the application of disposable transparent curtains, which can be applied by the healthcare professional before the treatment on the adhesive strips.

Based on our business model, keeping the prices affordable, and being self-sustainable, the entire cost would be around 50 € per box.

The construction is very, simple, does not require permanent installations or modifications to the pre-existing structures, and does not limit (if moderately) the movements of the professionals.

During the hackathon, we developed the idea and prepared technical drawings and specifications ready for prototyping. We have also prepared an initial business plan, pricing model and roadmap with next steps for when the project is launched. We were happy to consult several experienced mentors and incorporate their feedback in our solution.

Since the hackathon & next steps:

Since the hackathon:

Prototype We built our first prototype and submitted to a team of physiotherapist, that guaranteed that, with the current dimensions, it is possible to implement approximately 90% of the techniques.


Approval from health authorities and certification We are searching for Notified Body to issue the CE mark.

We are reaching out to the health authorities to get their view on our solution, and requirements to make sure our solution is accepted

Implementation of a large-scale production We are searching for a construction partner that can help us build a prototype on a large-scale production.

Funding We are also looking for investors and institutional funding to launch the product.

Solution’s impact on the crisis

COVID-19 can be especially hazardous on people's health, not only due to the respiratory problems related to the virus, but also because the pandemic can create a hazardous cycle. With less money in the budget, people who are already under financial stress tend to cut corners in areas they shouldn't, like healthcare. Though this tactic may seem like a good way to keep costs down, delaying medical care can actually lead to worse health outcomes and higher costs, both of which can lead to more stress.

It is therefore important that communities are proactive in assessing their risk and vulnerability and facilitate people to actively take charge of their health and their physical and emotional well-being. increase people's autonomy and control of their own lives and help them to support and face difficult situations reacting proactively in a transformative perspective- from learn helplessness to learn hopefulness.

Furthermore, Physio-box allows thousands of professionals to continue operating in a profitable manner, creating a positive impact on the region’s employment and communities’ wellbeing and economy.

Other use cases

There are also many sectors which will need this kind of solution to operate safely while establishing client trust.

Hairdressers; beauticians; Doctors’ and dentists’;

Built With

  • polycarbonate
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