Struggles in the past. When I took AP Physics in high school I thought of it being difficult, however I did not know why I struggled on it. For some reason I did not grasp the simple content, maybe having some type of program that can show me how one can find another piece of information would be helpful and thus why I made the program.

What it does

When you input values of variables that you actually have, the program would output the other variables that can be calculated using the kinematic equations using the information given.

How I built it

A lot of "if" statements were used due to there constantly being different situations.

Challenges I ran into

The funny part was that I struggled on a simple situation, running the code but the output states that it can not load the main class. Having friends to spend time with.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I stayed to the end of this Hackathon while having only the slightest knowledge of coding in Java, not even a computer science major.

What I learned

One should always come prepared.

What's next for Physics Kinematic Equations

I can continue with creating a code that would have more than just the kinematic equations to find other variables or if in case I was given more unique variables. Another idea is to create a visualization for learners to grasp how each variable impacts another. The last idea I can do is ignore the Physics Kinematic Equations, start from scratch, and make something completely different.

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