I used to have problems remembering physics formulae when studying for exams when I was just starting to learn physics, and so I thought that this skill might help budding young physicists when they are doing homework or generally trying to study physics.

What it does

It gives many formulae that are useful when solving basic problems in physics. Upon asking for a formula, Alexa gives a clear and concise description of the formula in such a way that is suitable for younger children to use.

How we built it

I used the Amazon Alexa Skill Builder to devise most of the sample utterances and the main slot. I then used AWS Cloud9 to code the skill. I understand that younger children may have problems with pronouncing many of the terms that are used in physics, so I used fuse.js in order to allow Alexa to be lenient with the pronounciation.

Challenges we ran into

This skill failed testing on many occasions due to issues with integrating the fuse.js package with the rest of the code. However, this was swiftly dealt with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I did finally manage to make the fuse.js package work. This is the first time I have used fuse.js and so I was very happy that I managed to make it work and on the whole it made my project more user-friendly.

What we learned

As previously discussed, I learned how to use fuse.js. I also learned more about localisation of Alexa based on languages. As a result, this skill is set to be available in five different localisations of English.

What's next for Physics Formulae

In the future, I hope to be able to continue to expand the database of formulae. I also hope to code this skill in Japanese and German locales to increase international availability.

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