Don't just look up reference data, use it! This app lets users find the data they're looking for, and do calculations with it, to boot.


Thinking about the challenge, I realized that not only do students and scientists need to access the constants in NIST's databases, but generally they want to do more than that. When I was in grad school, I rarely wanted to know Planck's constant just for the sake of knowing. It was generally part of a calculation. I found myself constantly bouncing back and forth between my calculator and my reference materials. This took time, introduced errors, and was unnecessary. Why not combine the two?

What it does

Picture a scientific calculator... that is actually scientific. In addition to the standard calculator buttons (multiply, divide, numbers), you've also got buttons for a whole bunch of the constants from NIST's datasets. So, hit the Planck's constant button, and suddenly you've input it into the calculator, just as easy as hitting '4'. The calculator deftly handles, combines, and converts units, too. Get the results you want, simply.

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