Impulse purchasing is an extremely powerful marketing device which has yet to be fully exploited.

What it does

Sends coupons immediately to nearby shoppers based on their previous purchase history and coupon viewing.

How I built it

lots of tears, but mostly with Google Compute Engine, Spring MVC, MongoDB, Eddystone, and node.js.

Challenges I ran into

almost everything. It was my first time using Google Compute Engine, my first time using Spring Data to link Spring with MongoDB, and my first time playing with Eddystone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting it all integrated together. I believe this could be a very powerful idea to reach out to people past the web.

What I learned

Always make your development tools easy to use. Never keep things in a jank state or you might take hours to recover.

What's next for Physical Web Marketing

Making it into a trillion-dollar conglomerate.


devpost has strange requirements for valid website links so I'll post it here Go to Then go to Then go back to

It's not so impressive without the Eddystone script, which is run from my computer since Bluetooth can't be emitted from a website.

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