My mom works as an affiliate/nurse for Parkland Hospital at Dallas County Jail and a recurring problem at the hospital is that the inmates are not participating in the physical therapy because it of the intense pain and confusion associated with the physical therapy program there. The hospital gives the inmates obscure paper diagrams of the exercises that often lead to unnecessary complications and injuries. We are hoping to alleviate this problem by compiling videos off the internet that demonstrate the exercise for the patients. There is currently no program like this.

What it does

Helps patients undergoing the exhausting and extensive physical therapy to do physical therapy exercises through easy, understandable videos off the Internet and personalized help online.

How we built it

We used to create a server for our website application, as well as HTML to code the specific elements into the website such as a forum and ChatBot that can help if questions arise.

Challenges we ran into

We were split on ideas by the middle of the Hackathon but decided we could incorporate all of our ideas to solve a contemporary crisis located in hospitals and jails around the world.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made a website, learned JavaScript for the first time, and learned how to graphically design beautiful logos with Photoshop CC.

What we learned

What I personally learned is that working with a team is difficult when everybody has a great idea, but that cooperation is crucial as it allowed us to integrate all of our ideas and make something great.

What's next for Physercise

I plan to make this website an app, and make it available on TVs for the Dallas County Jail workout rooms, and in Baylor Scott & White Hospitals as the official physical therapy app.

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