People worry about the vitamins and supplements they put in their body. People worry about the types and quality of food they put in their body. But how often does a person stop to think of products entering the body through their skin?

Here at Skinsurance, we want to inspire others to treat their skin with kindness and to be more aware of what they're putting on their skin.

What it does

Skinsurance helps you compare the ingredients between your two chosen skincare products, and lets you know whether or not they could be harmful to your skin.

How we built it

Using Visual Studio and skills we learned in CIS 300, we were able to create this application in C#. We also found out how to create a domain and website for Skinsurance through Github.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we faces was recognizing and learning that many different chemical names one ingredient may have, and that interactions between particular ingredients are not necessarily harmful, but may simply result in degraded effectiveness.

What we learned

This is a labor of love! This is our first hackathon! It has been exciting and deeply rewarding to have had the chance to take an idea from birth to fruition - using the skills we've been learning in our courses at KSU.

What's next for Skinsurance

We believe there is a true and legitimate need for Skinsurance in the world. Next steps include expanding the comparable products database and investing even more time into possible ingredients interactions. Just a few of the future projects for Skinsurance include:

  • Allowing the user to add and save their own products in a personal Skinsurance account
  • Automating an internet search to retrieve products and their ingredients lists from known skincare websites.
  • Creating a mobile app with photo-scanning abilities to read and retrieve text data from physical skincare item containers.
  • Much much more!


  • Educational
  • Web Hack
  • Automation / AI
  • Business
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