Inspiration: My goal in life is to become a doctor and open my my hospital to help people. In COVID: 19 I researched some important things that is a need in an hospital like fast vehicles. Today me and my team made this hospital design which can help doctors to save patients from this deadly virus.

What it does: This hospital has many high tech helicopters and ambulances with an amazing design of infrastructure which will help in transportation. There are many machines and beds which can help the patients without doctor's immediate need. The doctors don't have to wear masks and different outfit because the machines and our robots will take care of the patients while the doctors will be controlling them from their own offices.

How we built it: We built all the things step by step. First we generated the concepts and then we created the prototype. We first made the infrastructure. Then we designed all the vehicles and took care of all the minor details. Then we made those machines which are really really accurate.

Challenges we ran into. Since, designing is one of the most important steps, details is key. Me and my team focused on the details and thus some problems we ran into was the tires of the helicopter and the minor details of the helicopter.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We worked really hard and we are very proud on our machines and vehicles.

What we learned: Today, we learnt a lot. The most important thing we learnt today was team work and details. They both are really important.

What's next for PHS Cad: We will make a multi tasking robot next time and will try to make iteven more succesful.

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