PHOTOTAGG- Crowdsource Geotag location based photos, videos and social media Mobile App.

As there are more frequent oil spills, hazardous disasters and pollution that happen on a daily basis globally, we are seeing the awful effects on our environment, health and well-being. For example, to enable decision makers, residents, students and visitors to visualize oil inundation trends along the coast by seeing the worst instances of beach and wildlife exposure to the oil spill, hard progression and monitoring of the aftermath gives a real tangibility.

Many cell phones, even simple inexpensive models, can send/receive e-mail, but there are more powerful ones today. Photos have even been taken by concerned citizens equipped with GPS-enabled cell phone cameras.

By collecting photos and data can significantly give a clearer sense of more of an in-depth perspective, deepen connection and expansive collective view in affected regions.

Photos with more data and showing the locations of sensitive habitats and wildlife impacted by the oil spill will help decision makers determine better plans on where and how many to deploy clean-up crews, environmentalists and scientists. To collect information is vital, critical, necessary and ideal for documenting rapidly changing conditions of incidents that move too quick, fast and furious to manage and control.


Lets users send photos that are taken with their smartphones to automatically embed geo-location data, record and the option to input more details on incidents.

Contributed data gets collected by the designated organization, institution or government agencies that are handling, overseeing or monitoring that want to be better equipped and suited to handle future incidents.

Users can opt to let PHOTOTAGG to give a one-button direct send or push their photos privately to be part of research, case studies, emergency planning and other planning.


Integrates with “GOOGLE PHOTOS”, which is now unlimited, automatically organizes, gives options of privacy, storage and time lapse of the area to see actual progress or neglect to better address and handle incidents.

More mobile crowdsourced reporting comes from third-party photo-sharing sites such as Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc. can be all stored and analyzed.

Crowdsource reporting efforts from regular people are being displayed on social media more frequent and regularly.

This kind of citizen reporting has given more assistance to First Responders and authorities their response efforts.

In an effort to spread news to prevent death, more injuries/damages and devastation, these small efforts of regular everyday people with cell phones are lending a great hand.

PHOTOTAGG is here to make it easy, organized and better handle data for a better outcome.

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