It's extremely hard to get reviews...

It's the same story all the time, we tell our customers "you need to get more product reviews" and they tell us "it's really hard to get reviews, customers just don't want to give us any”

What it does

Photo Review is a social validation app that allows you to post original content or repost content from your customers on your product page using your Instagram feed and a hashtag. Creating a carousel that displays all the Instagram posts that have the hashtag you selected.

How we built it

We created a web app for Photo Review Dashboard where the merchants can Sing Up and start using our app. We used react in the frontend side and node js for backend microservices.

Our snippet is a component developed using react and can be used for all merchants, our logic determines the current store and just provides limited access.

We deployed our platform in GCP using serverless services like Cloud Run Photo Review implement this Squares API:

  • Catalog API
  • Sites API
  • Snippets API

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges that we faced was making all the integrations involved work. We spent a lot of time making sense of how we could link data, as well as how to make it so that the users could successfully link all of their accounts without too much hassle. This required a series of tests on the different solutions, as well as rewriting parts of the app that were already developed but didn’t meet our quality standards. Interacting with the Square Online site was very challenging since there is no documentation or precedent to interact with the visual components or with the data of the site. This led us to make a full scan of the site in order to find the metadata that would allow us to establish the current page, product, and site, so we can make our script a multitenant component.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating the app with Instagram, Square and Square Online to offer a service that complements the current tools of Square Online. We manage to open a window to integrate more functionalities directly with Square Online, without yet having a formal ecosystem of applications for the platform. We manage to do this in only two and a half weeks.

What we learned

Even if there are no formal ways to integrate with Square Online, you can creatively discover ways to do it, and by working together with the Square team we can move faster creating services that improve the shopping experience and offer useful tools so merchants can improve their sales conversion.

What's next for Photoreview

Make security and platform adjustments to deploy in a productive environment and publish the Photo Review app to all Square Online customers who would like to use it. To broaden the user experience in the dashboard in order to offer new and better features. Allow multiple sites per account with settings for each site. We want to support multiple review sources text-based and photography based.

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