We realize that Google's photo search does not provide content of the photo and Wikipedia does not allow you to use a photo to search for the content. What if you see driving through safari in Africa and see an animal but not knowing what this animal is called? What if you see college kids's facebook's photo playing quidditch but not knowing it is quidditch? What if you go through a supermarket and saw some amazing groceries and wanting to know its nutrients.

What it does

Instead of typing to search on Wikipedia, you can just upload photo or camera, it also reads out you if you are lazy.

How I built it

We use Wolfram for text to voice and Azure to host the website.

Challenges I ran into

Routing of the website and using Wolfram and Azure for the 1st time. We have also tried a lot of other different ideas but did not pursue them in full due to time limit. For example we were developing a Valentine game front end to allow angry girlfriends to send hidden message to her cheating boyfriend double playing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are able to get Wolfram and Azure running


We are working on recognizing video in addition to picture and so when you are driving PhotoPedia could read out what it is around you so you could focus on the road.

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