• I wanted to remove distraction of taking selfies from the precious travel experience.
  • I wanted to change photo documentation from fake and posed to candid and genuine
  • I wanted to provide photographers with subjects to photograph without a hassle of complicated arrangements.
  • I wanted to offer unique experience of re-living the event from the 3rd person perspective.
  • I was inspired by evercam's idea of passive observer and EyeEm's creative community.

What it does

'Photoopp App' provides opportunity for pro- and mid-level photographers to connect with people who want to have a photo taken while they enjoy the place and moment they are in. Photos produced by Photoopp are truly unique as they are mostly candid, always genuine as opposed to selfies.

App enables subjects of photographs to relive the events from 3rd person perspective. Infrastructure ensures that subjects are photographed only in designated places and at specified time.

App also provides very convenient way for photographers to sell their work. Directly via Stripe or indirectly via EyeEm Marketplace. Transfer of ownership is done using ascribe's IP transfers using blockchain.

Subjects (models) can set permanent landmarks and and engage with photographer some time in the future. They don't need to limit themselves to specific timeframe. Same thing with photographers. They might just act on the notification about someone near by, pull out the phone and shoot.


How I built it

I used Sketch to design it and inVision to assemble as a clickable prototype.

Challenges I ran into

It was important to ensure that the subject (model) is not being distracted by the messages from the photographer. I also wanted to make sure that Photoopp will not turn in to 'Tinder'. Therefore I limited all communication to the minimum. I also ensured that subject will not be stoked by the photographer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Privacy control and integration with Evercam thanks to which subject will get visual record even if there were no photographers available. -I also like the fact that buyer gets legit Proof of Authenticity recorded on the Blockchain (thanks to ascribe). Not just a photo.

What I learned

  • I have learned a lot about APIs and how they can co-exist.
  • It was great to create within 24h boundaries. Organise myself to get it all done within this limit.

What's next for Photoopp

  • I would like to enable the 'game mode' which would turn the platform to world-wide hide and seek experience.
  • Webapp. Photographers will be able to create public galleries and upload photos they already have and match them up with subjects on them. Webapp will also enable DSLRs.
  • I would like to introduce additional modes of arranged photoshoots as opposed to candid photos idea.

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